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Real Agenda Radio

Sep 19, 2020

Today we tell you about just some of the people you will be hearing in our new series of The Real Agenda, including: Jennifer Nadel, co founder of Compassion in Politics and former ITN Home Affairs editor, Dr Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Gavin Esler, author and former BBC Newsnight presenter, Julian Richer, the entrepreneur and author, Robert Palmer from Tax Justice UK, Andrew Dixon, founder of Fairer Share, formerly with Goldman Sachs, Stephen Kinnock MP, now in Shadow Cabinet as well Oxford University professor Danny Dorling  and more… so do listen in. Each episode will be more news and updates on the urgent campaigns to reduce inequality and build a fairer society with themes covering Compassion, Homelessness, Tax reform, Minimum income standards, Economic Justice, Inequality, Climate Change, Democracy and more. Each week we will hear from campaigners, commentators, politicians, academics and journalists about fixing these fundamental problems and what we can do to end the unnecessary financial hardship suffered by millions every day because…..that’s The Real Agenda