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Real Agenda Radio

Apr 25, 2019

Today I talk with Mike Gapes, MP for Ilford South for 27 years who has left the Labour Party after 50 years and now a member of the Independent Group/Change UK. I am keen to find out the story behind the momentous decision what he thinks the urgent issues are and how we can fix them plus more about his ideas and hopes...

Apr 22, 2019

Zack is a London assembly, mayoral & parliamentary candidate, & a relentless campaigner who is ready to speak out and act, particularly on Housing, Climate Action and Proportional Representation. He keeps us all informed of his activities through social media as well as being featured on Newsnight, BBC Radio, BBC Asian...

Apr 16, 2019

I talk with Sarah Clarke from Unlock Democracy, the democratic reform campaigners. I wanted to find out when we are going to stop making it up as we go along & actually get a democracy that delivers what the people want, not just the wishes of those with money and power

Apr 11, 2019

The first news & comment show from The Real Agenda, the podcast for political change. Find out the story behind The Real Agenda, what’s going on, the News to Know and upcoming events plus how we can bring positive change with Tom Burgess & Satya Kartara

Apr 9, 2019

Today we talk with Naomi Smith in the first episode of the  Challengers for Change series. Naomi is the chief operating officer of Best for Britain, the campaigning group to keep Britain in the EU and she is also co-host of Remainiacs, one of the most popular political podcasts.