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Real Agenda Radio

Nov 26, 2019

As part of our Profit for Purpose series, this is the second episode in our three part interview with Julian Richer, founder of the home entertainment retailer Richer Sounds. Today we talk about Tax, Trust and Transparency. As both Julian and The Real Agenda believes, to establish a compassionate and more economically viable society wealth should be taxed, after all, we all help to create the wealth but our current system means it is only accumulated by a few. The taxation of wealth impacts insignificantly on the few but yet could fund the infrastructure and public services for the many. It would enable the lower paid to have a decent standard of living, at the same time giving a measurably invaluable big boost to our economy.  As Julian has proved with his business model for Richer Sounds, fair reward to employees results in higher productivity and longevity of staff. There is a very strong business case for more equality, and for the taxation of wealth.